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Why is there a campaign against corruption in Zambia?

Corruption is a crime which heavily affects our communities and the daily lives of many ZambiansZambia ranks 117th out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perception Index. 

Many people stay silent about corruption, as it feels almost inevitable and like there is no choiceThat is why, TIZ, decided to do this campaign and encourage people to share their stories and find their voice. We want to raise awareness about the negative impact of corruption and give people a platform to start talking about their experiences with corruption. 

How do I know if I’m affected by corruption?

Has someone in power ever asked you for money or a sexual favor when you wanted or needed something? If yes, it is likely that it was not a “normal business deal” – it was corruption. The person might have asked you in secret and told you not to tell anyone. Or the person was in a very high position where there was no need to be secretive. Most of the times corruption happens when you depend on the other party doing something for you – letting you pass an exam, accepting your child at school, giving you a permit etc. 

Why should I share my story?

The prevalence of corruption and silence around it make corruption feel like an inevitable part of our daily lives. But it does not have to be this way – together, we have the power to stop corruption. We are here to give this a voice. 

That is why you and your story are important to fight corruption. By sharing you story about your experience with corruption, you can help us to: 

  • Expose the real scale of every-day corruption in Zambia 
  • Challenge the notion that corruption is the norm 
  • Encourage others to open up and share their stories 

Doing this together, we can kick-start the change. It might not be immediate, but it will start a movement.

What happens to my data if I share my story?

To share your story, we will only ask you to tell us what happened, and if you feel comfortable, where it happened. We do not need to know your name or any identifiable details. Once you submit your story, it will go to our database which follows strict data security guidelines. After making sure that your story does not include any information that could identify you or another person, we will post in on our website. 

Why should my story not include any identifiable information?

We want you and others to share their stories in order to increase awareness of corruption in Zambia, and give people a voice. 

As we will not be verifying these stories or investigating them as official reports, these stories cannot include information that could identify any individuals.  

If you want us to investigate a corruption case, you can make a report here

Is sharing my story like making a report?

No. If you share your story, it will be posted on our website to raise awareness and no legal investigation will take place.  

If instead you would like to make an official report of a corruption case for our team to investigate, you can do so here. We will work with you to learn more about the case and then approach the institution where it happened, and work with them to prevent it from happening again.

Where can I download the game?

You can download the game on our webpage or in the android store. 

Does the game cost money?

The game is free, but you will need data to download the game. If you can, make sure to use Wifi to download it!  

Where can I find the version for iOS?

Unfortunately, there is only an android version of the game. 

Is TIZ working with the government?

No, TIZ is an independent, non-governmental organization. One of our principles is not aligning us to any particular grouping. This way we can follow our mission to promote transparency and good governance as well as fighting corruption.

Does TIZ support me if I’m affected by corruption?

Yes, that is our goal. While in this campaign we are giving people and option to share their stories with others anonymously, we also have a legal team that can investigate a corruption case for you. 

If you use our report form hereone of our dedicated officers will look into your case. They will work with you to understand what happened, and then work with relevant community members and institutions to try and prevent it from happening again. For cases of criminal offenses, we collaborate with Law Enforcement Agencies.  

Remember that if someone took advantage of you, it is not your fault – it is theirs. Only if we speak up and talk to each other about corruption happening, can we stop it. 

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