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Sep, 2021

A brother of mine went for recruitment and paid k10,000 but he was brought back and told to wait because of corona virus, he was told that they will call him in June but until now he has not been called.


Central Province
Sep, 2021

I went to look for a job as a general worker at one of Chinese company. I was told by one of the supervisors to pay a total amount of k650 to be employed and because I was desperate I payed.

#Stop Corruption


Sep, 2021

It was in December 2020 when my family which comprises of a trained teacher, clinical officer, fire fighter, a folk lifter, all looking for jobs and a student nurse who are struggling with Tuition fees and is looking for a government loan. The student nurse took a step to the Higher Education Loan and Scholarship Board seeking for government sponsorship. Before getting to the reception, she met a certain lady within the premises who looked like a consultant employed by HELSB. When the lady asked how she may help the young lady, this young lady (my cousin) explained her problem to her. The lady told her that there were no sponsorship offers by that time but promised to accelerate one for her upon them making an agreement. This young lady just returned home helplessly and explained everything to her Parents (Uncle and Aunt to me). By then I was busy with my third year, end of year examination at UNZA and I had no idea that something like this was happening at home. The parents got interested with the lady who promised to push for their daughter’s sponsorship and made efforts to consult her. She convinced them that she is an employee and consultant of HELSB and promised to help them with the sponsorship if they pay K5,000. They borrowed the money and Paid, this lady issued the young lady a Scholarship agreement form for Levy Mwanawansa Medical University. The family was happy with just the issuance of the scholarship form to the extent of asking the same lady to help other members of the family to get jobs in government. She told them to pay money for which the trained teacher was charged K3000, the clinical officer was charged K8000, the fire fighter was charged K5000 and the fork lifter who wanted the job in ZESCO was Charged K5000. All these are from one family sharing the same surname. They met this lady on several occasions during payment process and they were all convinced she was a true helper. A week after payments were finalized, the lady stopped picking up phone calls. The family went to her house within Lusaka. They just found the husband and children who said that the wife went to Chama for farming business. They called her there and then through the husband, she picked up the phone and promised to process their letters immediately once she gets back to Lusaka. Up to now the lady is nowhere to be seen and her family has shifted from where they used to stay. The family has been swindled a total amount of about K26, 000 by one person (Lady) who used to be found at the Lusaka Higher Education Loan and Scholarship Board offices and claimed to be the consultant when she is not. Please my fellow Zambians, let’s fight corruption by not engaging ourselves into corrupt activities. At times we are also to blame because our desperate actions over something. It’s disheartening to be swindled something that could be your business Capital which ends up being the business Capital for someone. Let’s try to wait for our turn as we push for files cleanly.

#End corruption Zambia starts with me.

Sep, 2021

Hi, so I applied to Zesco to have my property connected. I paid the required (standard) fees as requested by Zesco in October 2020. I was told the property will be connected within 6 months. 2 weeks from the date of payment, a Zesco Employee came to the property with the required items to do the connection. Upon arrival, he requested to be paid ZMW 3500 to connect or else he won’t. Upon being told we didn’t have that amount, the gentleman put back the items in the vehicle and left. He appeared this year in March and still requested for the same amount. I was not home this time around, and the children called me. He gentlemen left again without connection. We have made several attempts at Zesco offices but to no avail. Its like without these bribes being requested for, your property will not be connected. As I write to you, my property is still not connected.


Sep, 2021
My TV was stolen and was later recovered and stored at a particular police station for 2 weeks, which I was told it was procedure. The day I was called to pick it, i was told to go with “something” for storage and effort in recovering the item. But isn’t it their job to make the effort in the first place? And how do I pay for storage at a government facility? When I queried this they later brought in issues of fuel they spent, this is an excuse I’ve encountered more than once when dealing with the police. # let us stop corruption


Copperbelt Province
Sep, 2021

I bought a 5 acre land in an area called kachenjela in the year 2012. Some cadre came and resold part of my land to someone. He even went to process the title deed for the lady he sold the land to. She did not even have the offer letter from the Ministry of lands which is the source document for one to process for the title deed. When I reported the matter to the (landlord) man who sold me land (unfortunately is late), he made efforts to fence the land in a bid to help me secure the 5 acres. However the cadre came and cut the wire that the old man (my landlord) put into pieces. I have been to lands so many times to claim back the other 2 acres but the levels of corruption at the ministry of lands is so shocking and draining. I pray the new government will help me get back the 2 acres of my land from the hands of the criminals who want to get things on a silver plate. I have the offer letter and every other necessary and relevant documents. I also pray that this platform will help me recover back my 2 acres of land which i rightfully bought with my hard earned money.

# Corruption is killing our Country.


Lusaka Province

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