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Jul, 2021

I am a teacher who has witnessed many of my friends who are being employed after paying different amounts of money. Most of us who are unemployed either fail to pay or have no connection. The system is very corrupt.

God help us

Lusaka Province

Jul, 2021

As a concerned citizen and a taxpayer, I have noticed with dismay the money that is being poured into campaigns by Political parties; it scares me. There is very high likelihood that the Party to form the next Government may impose unrealistic taxes on the worker in order to offset the commitments from wherever the money is coming from. And it is also possible (with the ruling party) that these monies are coming from Government coffers (toll-fees, etc). It all falls back on the already financially stressed worker.

Can we demand transparency among our politicians; let them declare the source of funds used in these campaigns, lest we the common people incur debts unwillingly and unknowingly.


Eastern Province

Jul, 2021

It was a great day and a very beautiful morning when I received a phone call from a female teacher in Central Province.

“Hello bakopala (Copperbelt), your time to be in government has come”. Send your papers and k2000 ($95.36) to my friend after that you will receive a phone call for your appointment letter.

This was last year December up to the last message that came from my friend was your letter is at Teaching Service Commission (TSC) for signing. That’s how even the phone went off. Corruption is bad.

Lusaka Province

Jul, 2021

It’s been a year since a certain Human Resource (HR) from a named general hospital said he would be able to help me and my friend get jobs in the health sector since he was promoted to a provincial office as Human Resource Director. He requested we pay k1500 ($71.72) upfront and pay the rest (K1500) ($71.72) once we got our confirmation letters. The position he held enticed us and we paid and the long wait began, his feedback was story after story until we gave up.

Southern Province

Jul, 2021

In 2020 when the government of Zambia announced the recruitment of Zambia Air Force (ZAF) officers. One officer at ZAF in Central Province told me to pay K7000 ($335.40) in order to be selected. I worked hard to find that money and I paid. Till now I don’t know if selections are done and the officer’s phone is off. I approached him one day over the matter, he told me that he didn’t know me.

Central Province

Jul, 2021

I was told to pay K6000 ($286.28) towards helping me get a job in government. I had money but I managed to source a k4500 ($215.37) and asked if I can pay balance after the deal goes through. That was February 2020, I can safely say up to now nothing has happened. I asked for a refund and only k2000 ($95.72) was given to me. I’m still waiting for the rest till date.

Lusaka Province

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