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Jun, 2021

I went to get a driving license at the RATSA office in Lusaka province and I was told that I don’t need to go and drive the car, instead I should just give them a K500 to give the supervisor and his guys and my license will be out.  It is a requirement for one who needs a driving license to have their driving skills tested by RTSA officers but that was not the case for me because they asked me to bribe them. 

Lusaka Province

Jun, 2021

I witnessed the practice of maladministration in the Zambia Police Traffic Section. This occurred when I was stopped by the Zambia Police officer because i did not have his driver’s licence in my possession.

As a result of this, the Police got my motor vehicle white book and fitness certificate and demanded for the payment of K500.00 or K300.00 in the alternative.

I contacted a reputable non governmmental organistion to inquire on whether the Police were legally right to confiscate my motor vehicle white book and fitness certificate as well as demanding for the payment. That organisation immediately intervened on the matter with the Zambia Police through the Integrity Committee and the Traffic Department. The matter was later resolved and I was given back my white book and fitness certificate without paying the K500.00 allegedly demanded by the Zambia Police Traffic Officers.

Central Province

Jun, 2021

Am a former employee of the Ministry of Home Affairs who later joined another organization in April and in May erroneously received a salary in my bank account from my former employer ( Ministry of Home Affairs). I later received text messages from the accountant of the ministry stating that I transfer the said money to his personal airtel mobile money account.

Southern Province

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