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While corruption might sometimes feel inevitable, together we can start a movement against it by opening up about our daily experiences of corruption. Therefore we need you and your story. Fill in the form below and tell us where and how you have experienced corruption. Stories shared by you and others will be posted on our website to raise awareness and to give you a voice. 

1. Tell us what happened. Where have you encountered corruption? What did you do?

2. Your story will be shared on this website after being reviewed by our team to make sure that it does not include any identifiable information

3. Submit your story anonymously

4. Do not add any identifiable information about yourself and other people – if you do, we will not be able to post your story

Please note that your story will be shared on this website to increase awareness of corruption in Zambia. If instead you would like to make an official report of a corruption case for our team to investigate, you can do so here. We will work with you to learn more about the case and then approach the institution where it happened, and work with them to prevent it from happening again.

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